Bed Frame
Article code 1102A
€88,00 €78,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Made of 7 mm thick cardboard and can carry 200kg per m2
➕ Ergonomic design so sufficient support for every mattress
➕ Has made it through bed tests and can hold to 200kg per m2
➖ Difficult cleaning under the bed (but easy to move)
Bed Frame
€88,00 78,-
Arch Bed
Article code 1104A
sustainable choice!
➕ Made of 7 mm thick cardboard and can carry 200kg per m2
➕ A bed which has the same size as your mattress
➕ Optional with drawers to store clothes and belongings
➖ Is so comfortable that you don't want to get out of bed in the morning
Temporary Curtains / Obscuring Custom-Made
Article code 1409C
sustainable choice!
➕ Custom made for your window
➕ Fast delivery
➕ Quick solution if you are waiting for curtains
➖ You will have to measure the window height yourself
Article code 0101
€70,00 €67,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Suitable for 2 people
➕ For use on festivals or in the backyard
➕ Water resistant
➖ Delivery between 2 and 5 working days
€70,00 67,-
KarTent Junior
Article code 0103
€42,00 €37,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Hours of fun
➕ Sturdy
➖ Not suitable for outside in the rain
KarTent Junior
€42,00 37,-
Article code 0911D
sustainable choice!
➕ Elongated lamp
➕ Get some great working or table light with this long hanging light
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➖ Does not float on its own
Standing Desk Converter
Article code 1025A
sustainable choice!
➕ Ergonomic working from home
➕ Adjustable in height on your desk
➕ Easy to store
➖ Not suitable as a step
Cat House
Article code 1301
sustainable choice!
➕ Own house for your cat
➕ With handles to carry with you
➕ Personalize with paint
➖ Cat not included
Lifesize Figure - Standing
Article code 1024B
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for keeping 1.5 m distance in public spaces
➕ Affordable and quick delivered
➕ Other shapes possible on request
➖ Doesn't talk back
Children Bed
Article code 1106A
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect between bed for your child
➕ Personalize it with a name
➕ Toddler bed available in 3 sizes
➖ Not suitable as a trampoline
Article code 1208
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable space travel
➕ A must-have for every environment-conscious astronaut
➕ Big enough to play in
➖ Not suitable for climbing
Triple Bin
Article code 0202
sustainable choice!
➕ Comes in two different sizes
➕ Sustainable and easy waste separation
➕ Individual garbage bags (20L or 60L)
➖ Splash waterproof
Kids Toy House
Article code 1207
sustainable choice!
➕ Personalize it yourself with paint/crayons
➕ Build your own house
➕ Big enough to play in
➖ Not suitable for climbing
Division Panel - Basic High
Article code 1014D
sustainable choice!
➕ Cheap
➕ Quick and Folded in Half Delivered
➕ Suitable for 1,5m society
➖ Let's hope its temporary
'Do It Yourself' Lamp
Article code 1504B
sustainable choice!
➕ Choose which lampshade you want to make
➕ Includes instructions
➕ Supplied with red wire as standard
➖ Two left hands won't make it easy
Toy Airplane
Article code 1206
sustainable choice!
➕ Big enough for your kid to play in
➕ For the real plane spotters
➕ Personalize it with paint
➖ Watch out for valuables in the house
Wheel of Fortune
Article code 1224A
sustainable choice!
➕ Decide for yourself what will be on the wheel
➕ Big hit at any party
➕ Made from used cardboard, so sustainable
➖ You have to assemble it yourself
Cardboard Letters 70 cm high
Article code 1009L
sustainable choice!
➕ Choice in thickness
➕ Font can be adjusted
➕ Numbers also available
➖ Dutch alphabet
Article code 1231
sustainable choice!
➕ Fun for boat lovers
➕ Big enough to play in
➕ For small seafarers
➖ Does not float on water
Giraffe Growth Chart
Article code 1241
sustainable choice!
➕ Playful yardstick for children
➕ Each 10 cm is marked with an incision
➕ Can easily be written on
➖ You have to write the height in cm yourself
Article code 0921
sustainable choice!
➕ Stylish and sustainable design
➕ Provides ambient lighting in every room
➕ Delivered as one piece
➖ LED bulb not included
Wardrobe Closet
Article code 0809A
sustainable choice!
➕ Wardrobe closet with shelves and hanging space
➕ Lightweight product
➕ Plenty of space
➖ Clothes not included
Partition Wall
Article code 1019D
sustainable choice!
➕ Create easily extra workspaces
➕ Possibility with acoustic plates
➕ With or without window option
➖ Height is not adjustable
Division Panel - Basic Low
Article code 1014H
sustainable choice!
➕ Cheap
➕ Quick Delivered
➕ Suitable for 1,5m society
➖ Let's hope its temporary
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