Christmas Tree
Article code 1410C
sustainable choice!
➕ Available in three different sizes
➕ Allergy-free Christmas tree
➕ No pine needles falling out
➖ Does not smell like a pine tree
Article code 1236
sustainable choice!
➕ Option to add reindeer to your order in pairs!
➕ For your little Santa Claus
➕ Super strong bench to sit on
➖ Does not fly to the North Pole
Christmas Reindeer Set of 2
Article code 1237
sustainable choice!
➕ Available as a set of 2 reindeer
➕ You can give it a red nose yourself
➕ Also available with the sleigh
➖ Not suitable for riding
Reindeer Head
Article code 1205
sustainable choice!
➕ Looks great above your fireplace
➕ Brings Christmas ambiance to your house
➕ No animals are harmed for this product
➖ Not Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Article code 1228
€32,00 €27,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for in the living room
➕ Easy and quick to set up
➕ You can paint it yourself
➖ Can't be lit, but electrical candles are safe
€32,00 27,-
Nativity Scene
Article code 1430
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable nativity scene
➕ Guardian angel included
➕ Supplied as a kit
➖ No sleeping place in the inn
Christmas Balls Package 11 pieces
Article code 1426
sustainable choice!
➕ You can decorate them yourself
➕ Includes 11 balls
➕ Perfect for a unique Christmas tree
➖ Christmas tree not included
Kartent Gift Card
Article code 1503B
sustainable choice!
➕ The choice is not yours
➕ Great to give
➕ Digitally or by post
➖ You want to keep it for yourself
Moose Head
Article code 1202
sustainable choice!
➕ Nice in your room or above the fireplace
➕ Customizable
➕ For the real sustainable hunter
➖ Will not cause any nuisance
Christmas Card
Article code 1502E
sustainable choice!
➕ Write a personal message
➕ Multifunctional
➖ Not handwritten
Cardboard Christmas Products

Sustainable Holidays

You can find themed Christmas products here! Alternative Christmas trees, Rudolph for on your wall or a big sleigh all made of cardboard. You can also easily decorate the cardboard products yourself in any desired colour.

Cardboard presents

Looking for sustainable gifts for the holidays? From sustainable wall decorations to plastic-free toys, we've got everything you need to make the holidays a little greener. Would you like to personalize your gift with a name? This is possible with (almost) all kids products. Or grab some paint and make your product even more festive and personal!