Flowerpot Madelief
Article code 1405B
sustainable choice!
➕ Never a boring flower/plant pot again
➕ Fully designed from cardboard
➕ Sustainable design for your plants
➖ Be careful with watering your plants
Coffee Cup Holder
Article code 1401A
sustainable choice!
➕ For true coffee lovers
➕ Available in different variants
➕ Organized
➖ Not suitable for loose coffee powder
Article code 1028
sustainable choice!
➕ Suitable for the average height
➕ Easy to set up
➕ Handy storage compartment
➖ Water splash risistant
Honeycomb Chair
Article code 0605
sustainable choice!
➕ Very firm and sustainable chair
➕ For years of sitting pleasure
➕ Easy to maintain
➖ Can take a speck but varnishing is recommended
Drawing Table
Article code 0405
sustainable choice!
➕ Quickly assembled
➕ Sustainable cardboard
➕ Clean design
➖ Art supplies not included
Hippo Head
Article code 1203
€45,00 €35,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Look nice above your fireplace or in the kids’ room
➕ Customizable
➕ No animals are harmed for this product
➖ Don't stare in the eyes
Hippo Head
€45,00 35,-
Perk Lamp
Article code 0929
sustainable choice!
➕ High floor lamp
➕ Beautiful light through the structure of the cardboard
➕ Including lamp base
➖ LED E27 lamp not included
Article code 1244I
sustainable choice!
➕ For the real horse lovers
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Decorate with paint
➖ The horse is grazing all the time
Caen Lamp
Article code 0928
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable, atmospheric lighting
➕ Is supplied as a whole
➕ Including fitting and wire
➖ Led lamp not included
Article code 1228
€32,00 €27,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for in the living room
➕ Easy and quick to set up
➕ You can paint it yourself
➖ Can't be lit, but electrical candles are safe
€32,00 27,-
Rocking Horse
Article code 1216
€62,00 €47,00
sustainable choice!
➕ A classic
➕ Helps with the balance
➕ Ready to be painted
➖ No cowboy hat included
Rocking Horse
€62,00 47,-
Florida Closet
Article code 0811
sustainable choice!
➕ Big open compartment closet
➕ Suitable for in the living-, study-, bedroom
➕ Your own design? We make custom closets as well
➖ Your guests won't talk about anything else any more
Division Panel - High Open
Article code 1014M
sustainable choice!
➕ Cheap
➕ Quick Delivered
➕ Suitable for 1,5m society
➖ Let's hope its temporary
Helvoirt Lamp
Article code 0930A
sustainable choice!
➕ Elongated hanging lamp
➕ Beautiful light through the structure of the cardboard
➕ Including bulb or TL 120cm
➖ You have to assemble it yourself
Open Bedside Table
Article code 0817
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable design
➕ Nice addition to the bedroom or living room
➕ Storage compartment
➖ You don't want to talk about anything else
Wastepaper Basket
Article code 0210
sustainable choice!
➕ Convenient size
➕ Sliding system for emptying
➕ Easy to carry to empty
➖ Unfortunately, not moving
Lifesize Figure - Sitting
Article code 1017A
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for keeping 1.5m distance in waiting areas or restaurants
➕ Affordable and quick delivered
➕ Other shapes and printing possible on request
➖ Splash waterproof
Set Kids Table and Chairs with names
Article code 0607
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard set of table and two chairs
➕ Chairs and table where you are allowed to draw on
➕ Personalise the chairs with names
➖ Not suitable for a grown up tea party
Article code 1006B
sustainable choice!
➕ Tell the time sustainable
➕ Go for Roman or normal numbers
➕ Easy to hang
➖ Batteries not included
Block Stool
Article code 0501
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable
➖ No backrest
Round Table Honeycomb
Article code 0411A
sustainable choice!
➕ Looks nice everywhere in the house
➕ Fits 4 people at this table
➕ Gives your interior a sustainable look
➖ Better to keep clean with a plexiglass top
Koos the Koala Lamp
Article code 0919
€32,00 €25,00
sustainable choice!
➕ For fans of Koos the Koala
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➕ Adorable lamp
➖ Does not have a soft fur
Koos the Koala Lamp
€32,00 25,-
Rodent House
Article code 1304
sustainable choice!
➕ Nice spot for your little rodent
➕ Affordable pet's fun
➕ Easy to replace
➖ Needs to be furnished on the inside
Picnic Table
Article code 0406
sustainable choice!
➕ A picnic table or two separate tables
➕ Sustainable made of cardboard
➕ Fun for kids
➖ Food not included