Lifesize Figure - Standing
Article code 1024B
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for keeping 1.5 m distance in public spaces
➕ Affordable and quick delivered
➕ Other shapes possible on request
➖ Doesn't talk back
Wheel of Fortune
Article code 1224A
sustainable choice!
➕ Decide for yourself what will be on the wheel
➕ Big hit at any party
➕ Made from used cardboard, so sustainable
➖ You have to assemble it yourself
Letters and Numbers
Article code 1009A
sustainable choice!
➕ Decoration cardboard letters and numbers
➕ Want a different font? That's possible!
➕ You can choose between sizes S, M, L or XL with different thicknesses
➖ Not a great story right away
Ping Pong Table
Article code 1214
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Light weight and easy to move
➕ Wooden table-top, so the ball bounces better
➖ Smaller than a competition ping pong table
Article code 1227
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable shuffleboard
➕ Perfect for game nights
➕ Same size as a competition shuffleboard
➖ Don't spill your drink
Standing Table
Article code 0404
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard standing table for all your parties of events
➕ Suitable when you don't have storage space after an event
➕ After using the table, you can recycle it
➖ Don't dance on the table
KarBin (240L)
Article code 0208A
sustainable choice!
➕ 240L trash bin
➕ Entirely made from formerly used KarTents
➕ Available in a variety of colours
➖ Not suitable for climbing
Lifesize Figure - Sitting
Article code 1017A
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for keeping 1.5m distance in waiting areas or restaurants
➕ Affordable and quick delivered
➕ Other shapes and printing possible on request
➖ Splash waterproof
Kartent Gift Card
Article code 1503B
sustainable choice!
➕ The choice is not yours
➕ Great to give
➕ Digitally or by post
➖ You want to keep it for yourself
Party items made of cardboard

Everything for a sustainable party

Are you organizing a party and do you still need fun and sustainable party supplies? Then take a look at the wheel of fortune, the ping pong table or the standing table made of cardboard. These cardboard party items are easy to set up and store and will provide hours of fun!