Cardboard Holiday Products

Looking for sustainable gifts for the holidays? From decoration on the wall to plastic-free toys, everything to celebrate the holidays a little more sustainably. Grab some paint and make your product even more festive.

Sinterklaas Steam Boat
Article code 1244
in stock
➕ Fun during the Sinterklaas holiday!
➕ Big enough to play in
➕ For small seafarers
➖ Does not float on water
Sinterklaas Fireplace
Article code 1239
in stock
➕ Perfect to let Piet know where he can find your shoe
➕ Easy and quick to set up
➕ You can paint it yourself
➖ Can't be lit, but electrical candles are safe
Christmas Tree
Article code 1249
in stock
➕ Available in three different sizes
➕ Allergy-free Christmas tree
➕ No pine needles falling out
➖ Does not smell like pine tree
Reindeer Head
Article code 1248
€45,00 €30,00
in stock
➕ Looks great above your fireplace
➕ Brings Christmas ambience to your house
➕ No animals are harmed for this product
➖ Not Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Reindeer Head
€45,00 €30,00
Kartent Gift Card
in stock
➕ The choice is not yours
➕ Great to give
➕ Digitally or by post
➖ Isn't cardboard yet!
Christmas Sleigh
Article code 1256
in stock
➕ Option to add reindeer to your order in pairs!
➕ For your little Santa Claus
➕ Super strong bench to sit on
➖ Does not fly to the North Pole