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Cardboard Jill Birthday package

sustainable choice!
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Ordered before 3 pm, sent today
➕ Birthday party arranged in 1 click
➕ Including video accompaniment from Jill herself!
➕ For 6 kids (with option for more kids)
➖ Jill is not in the package herself
Ordered before 3 pm, sent today

Cardboard Jill Birthday package

Are you a fan of Jill? Then that package is the ideal way to celebrate your birthday! This package comes complete with extensive instructions and video accompaniment from Jill himself! The birthdaypackage is standard suitable for a party of 6 children, but an add-on can be purchased for more participants!

The package contains a lot of exciting games and plenty of opportunities to fully get rid of your creativity! 

No creative materials of your own? Then add our creative package! Don't have suitable materials at home to craft yourself? Jill has put together a package that is perfect to combine with this birthday package. Crafting fun guaranteed!

Contents of this (optional) creative package: 

  • 6 colors of quick-drying paint
  • 1x silver paint
  • 6 wide brushes, 6 narrower brushes
  • Strips of glitter stones
  • ± 7.5 m ribbon

What do you need to know about this Jill Birthday Package?

  • Complete package including games, dress up suits and attributes
  • Contains enough content for 6 participants
  • Estimated duration of the children's party: 2-3 hours
  • Possibility to add creative materials yourself or to purchase an upgrade package

We aim to produce our products and packaging from used cardboard as much as possible.

Product Size x x cm (LxBxH)
Weight 7 kg
Delivered as a kit icon-yes
PostNL delivery icon-yes
Package Size x x cm (LxBxH)
EAN / SKU 8830300558589
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