Cardboard Do It Yourself Kit

What kind of item are you going to assemble? With the Do It Yourself kits from KarTent you can create your own lampshade made from sustainable cardboard. You don't need to get bored with these DIY kits!

What will it be? A lamp, birdhouse or do you already have your own design in mind and do you only need a custom cardboard plate? Cardboard is a beautiful material for tinkering with. When your product is put together, you can personalize it with paint. 

Customized plate
Article code 1414A
sustainable choice!
➕ Delivered quickly
➕ Choose the size you want
➕ Discount by 5 pieces
➖ Only available in strong (kraft) cardboard, other types on request
'Do It Yourself' Lamp
Article code 1504B
sustainable choice!
➕ Choose which lampshade you want to make
➕ Includes instructions
➕ Supplied with red wire as standard
➖ Two left hands won't make it easy
'Do It Yourself' Bird Houses 5x
Article code 1502
sustainable choice!
➕ Craft and glue your own bird house
➕ Per 5 pieces
➕ Sustainability in your garden
➖ Hang it sheltered
Table Painting Easel
Article code 1229
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Light weight and easy to move
➕ Comes with a cardboard palette!
➖ Artistic expression not included.