Playing sustainable games

Ready for a game? Our cardboard games are fun for the whole family. Our games are fun to give as a present, as entertainment at work or just for yourself of course. 

Ping pong table

Are you a big fan of ping pong, but is a competition size table a bit too big for you? No problem! Our cardboard table tennis table is a bit smaller than the ‘normal’ size table, so it fits easily in your living room. Get ready and become the best cardboard ping pong player ever! 


Slide cardboard or wooden discs onto the world's only cardboard shuffleboard! The cardboard shuffleboard is competition size and is easy to store when you finished your game. 

Wheel of fortune

In need of a bit of luck? Just ask the wheel! The cardboard wheel of fortune comes in three sizes, the biggest up to 2 m! You decide your own destiny by writing the assignments or prizes on the wheel yourself.