Ready for a game? Our cardboard games are fun for the whole family. Practice your ping pong / shuffleboard skills or let the wheel of fortune determine your luck. Are you ready for the challenge?

Article code 1227
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Perfect for game nights
➕ Same size as a standard shuffleboard
➖ Don't spill your drink
Wheel of Fortune
Article code 1224A
sustainable choice!
➕ Decide for yourself what will be on the wheel
➕ Big hit at any party
➕ Made from used cardboard, so sustainable
➖ You have to assemble it yourself
Dartboard Surround Ring
Article code 1418
sustainable choice!
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Avoids holes in the wall
➕ Fits a traditional dartboard
➖ Not bulletproof
Ping Pong Table
Article code 1214
€60,00 €47,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Light weight and easy to move
➕ Includes cardboard bats and a ping pong ball
➖ Smaller than a competition ping pong table
Ping Pong Table
€60,00 47,-