Article code 1245
sustainable choice!
➕ Cool slide from robust cardboard
➕ Safe to slide as many times as you want
➕ No sharp edges
➖ All the adults want to try out the slide
Children Bed
Article code 1106A
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect between bed for your child
➕ Personalize it with a name
➕ Toddler bed available in 3 sizes
➖ Not suitable as a trampoline
Study Buddy
Article code 1031
sustainable choice!
➕ Quiet workplace in the classroom
➕ Removing stimuli for children
➕ Foldable and perfect fit for every school table
➖ Try and get your kid away from behind the Study Buddy
Ping Pong Table
Article code 1214
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Light weight and easy to move
➕ Wooden table-top, so the ball bounces better
➖ Smaller than a competition ping pong table
Giraffe Growth Chart
Article code 1241
sustainable choice!
➕ Playful yardstick for children
➕ Each 10 cm is marked with an incision
➕ Can easily be written on
➖ You have to write the height in cm yourself
Storage Cabinet
Article code 0808
sustainable choice!
➕ Robust storage cabinet
➕ Four drawers for all your stuff
➕ For in the living, - bed, or kids room
➖ Splash waterproof
Cross Stool
Article code 0502
sustainable choice!
➕ Elegant design with nice comb joints
➕ Super strong!
➕ Can also be used as a side table
➖ Does not roll very well
Triangle Stool
Article code 0503
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable stool
➖ Does not have a backrest
Sustainable Crayon Rocks
Article code 1504
sustainable choice!
➕ 8 different colours
➕ Sustainable colouring
➖ Are not refillable
Stool Bench
Article code 0702
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable
➖ No backrest
Study Buddy Storage Cabinet
Article code 1031
sustainable choice!
➕ Room for 10 Study Buddies
➕ Customizable
➕ Works for both the wooden and cardboard variant
➖ All the students (and teachers) want to draw on it
Lion Wall Lamp
Article code 0925
sustainable choice!
➕ Cool wall light made of cardboard
➕ Easy to set up
➕ Including fitting and thread
➖ Led lamp not included
Drawing Table
Article code 0405
sustainable choice!
➕ Quickly assembled
➕ Sustainable cardboard
➕ Clean design
➖ Art supplies not included
Block Stool
Article code 0501
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable
➖ No backrest
Picnic Table
Article code 0406
sustainable choice!
➕ A picnic table or two separate tables
➕ Sustainable made of cardboard
➕ Fun for kids
➖ Food not included
Kids Painting Easel with Stool
Article code 1232
sustainable choice!
➕ A playful easel to create your own art
➕ Including a storage space for the cardboard stool
➕ Clean design
➖ Without the paper to paint on
Side Table
Article code 0408
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy side table
➕ Sustainable and sleek design
➕ Made from used cardboard
➖ Watch out with water
Table Painting Easel
Article code 1229
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Lightweight and easy to move
➕ Comes with a cardboard palette!
➖ Artistic expression not included.
Set Kids Table and Chairs with names
Article code 0607
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard set of table and two chairs
➕ Chairs and table where you are allowed to draw on
➕ Personalise the chairs with names
➖ Not suitable for a grown up tea party
Sustainable Finger Paint
Article code 1505
sustainable choice!
➕ Washable from clothing
➕ Colour mixing possible
➕ Sustainable paint
➖ Fingers get dirty
Koos the Koala Lamp
Article code 0919
sustainable choice!
➕ For fans of Koos the Koala
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➕ Adorable lamp
➖ Does not have a soft fur
Kids chair with name
Article code 0606
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard chair for kids
➕ Easy to set up
➕ Personalize it with a name
➖ Not suitable for adults
Sustainable Sidewalk Chalk
Article code 1506
sustainable choice!
➕ 6 different colours
➕ You can draw on cardboard
➕ Sustainable colouring
➖ Cannot be used indefinitely
Kids Cardboard Furniture

Children's room

The kids room is not just a place to sleep. It’s their own place where their fantasy can develop. Just an ordinary bed is not enough, so why not a bed where they can colour on and decorate. Our cardboard junior bed is also a perfect solution for when your kid has outgrown his/her bed. Our toddler bed is available in 3 sizes and it’s possible to personalize the bed with a name! 

The kids room is not completed without a storage space for all the toys they have. Our storage cabinet is big and has four compartments. Mark with paint or markers what each drawer contains for optimal efficiency. 

Chairs and tables

Our cardboard chairs and cardboard tables are perfect for tea parties, artistic sessions or for puzzling. Are the adult seats a bit too big, but would your child like his own place at the table? Then our chairs are perfect.


Oops! Spilled on the table? That’s no problem! Your kids can paint these chairs and tables themselves. All our chairs and tables are made of cardboard and are 100% recyclable and sustainable.