Article code 1231
sustainable choice!
➕ Fun for boat lovers
➕ Big enough to play in
➕ For small seafarers
➖ Does not float on water
Article code 1228
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect for in the living room
➕ Easy and quick to set up
➕ You can paint it yourself
➖ Can't be lit, but electrical candles are safe
Kartent Gift Card
Article code 1503B
sustainable choice!
➕ The choice is not yours
➕ Great to give
➕ Digitally or by post
➖ You want to keep it for yourself
Cardboard Sinterklaas Products

Celebrating Sinterklaas

We are celebrating this year a cardboard Sinterklaas. Whether you're looking for a beautiful replica of the steamboat or a chimney for when you don't have one in your cottage, we've got you covered!

Sinterklaas steamboat

Sinterklaas will be arriving again this year with his steamboat, but how great will it be if you have the steamboat in your home as well. This large play boat is made of cardboard and is large enough for your child to play in. With a bit of paint, you can decorate the boat yourself. Would you like to have the name of your child(ren) cut out, that is of course possible! This makes the gift even more personal.

Cardboard chimney

Don't have a fireplace at home or at school but would like to receive your presents from Sinterklaas? We have a nice alternative. This fire place is made of cardboard and can be completely decorated. Make your own fire and let the fun begin!