Christmas Tree
Article code 1410C
sustainable choice!
➕ Available in three different sizes
➕ Allergy-free Christmas tree
➕ No pine needles falling out
➖ Does not smell like a pine tree
Arch Bed
Article code 1104A
sustainable choice!
➕ Made of 7 mm thick cardboard and can carry 200kg per m2
➕ Available in lengths 200, 210 and 220cm
➕ Our cardboard ‘Paper’ Bed has been tested and approved by Beter Bed!
➖ Is so comfortable that you don't want to get out of bed in the morning
Bed Frame
Article code 1102A
sustainable choice!
➕ Made of 7 mm thick cardboard and can carry 200kg per m2
➕ Ergonomic design so sufficient support for every mattress
➕ Has made it through bed tests and can hold to 200kg per m2
➖ Difficult cleaning under the bed (but easy to move)
Temporary Curtains / Obscuring Custom-Made
Article code 1409C
sustainable choice!
➕ Custom made for your window
➕ Fast delivery
➕ Quick solution if you are waiting for curtains
➖ You will have to measure the window height yourself
Tarwin Lamp
Article code 0921
sustainable choice!
➕ Stylish and sustainable design
➕ Provides ambient lighting in every room
➕ Delivered as one piece
➖ LED bulb not included
Wardrobe Closet
Article code 0809A
sustainable choice!
➕ Wardrobe closet with shelves and hanging space
➕ Lightweight product
➕ Plenty of space
➖ Clothes not included
Wanaka Lamp
Article code 0911D
sustainable choice!
➕ Elongated lamp
➕ Get some great working or table light with this long hanging light
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➖ Does not float on its own
Reindeer Head
Article code 1205
sustainable choice!
➕ Looks great above your fireplace
➕ Brings Christmas ambiance to your house
➕ No animals are harmed for this product
➖ Not Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Tolmin Lamp
Article code 0905B
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable lamps made from cardboard
➕ Comes in three sizes S, M, L
➕ Including wire and fitting
➖ LED bulb not included
Children Bed
Article code 1106A
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect between bed for your child
➕ Personalize it with a name
➕ Toddler bed available in 3 sizes
➖ Not suitable as a trampoline
'Do It Yourself' Lamp
Article code 1504B
sustainable choice!
➕ Choose which lampshade you want to make
➕ Includes instructions
➕ Supplied with red wire as standard
➖ Two left hands won't make it easy
Leeuwarden Lamp
Article code 0913
€57,00 €47,00
sustainable choice!
➕ Eco-friendly design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Beautiful lighting for in your home
➖ Not suitable for swinging
Leeuwarden Lamp
€57,00 47,-
Zernez Lamp XL
Article code 0923
sustainable choice!
➕ Mega lamp for large spaces
➕ Real eye-catcher
➕ Made of cardboard
➖ Led bulb not included
Privacy Screen
Article code 1420
sustainable choice!
➕ Divider of two spaces
➕ Unique design
➕ Fun things to hang
➖ Not soundproof
Flowerpot Roos
Article code 1424B
sustainable choice!
➕ No ordinary flowerpots
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable design for your plants
➖ Watch out with watering your plants
Fold Table
Article code 0401
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect as temporary table
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sturdy table surface
➖ Not suitable for hours in the rain
Cat Basket Tuna Can
Article code 1307
sustainable choice!
➕ Playful and funny design
➕ Does not smell like fish
➕ A cosy spot for one cat
➖ Not suitable to store tuna in
Lion Wall Lamp
Article code 0925
sustainable choice!
➕ Cool wall light made of cardboard
➕ Easy to set up
➕ Including fitting and thread
➖ Led lamp not included
Cat House
Article code 1301
sustainable choice!
➕ Own house for your cat
➕ With handles to carry with you
➕ Personalize with paint
➖ Cat not included
KarTent Mini
Article code 0104
sustainable choice!
➕ Mini version of the KarTent
➕ Desk decoration
➕ For the KarTent fan
➖ You cannot sleep in it
Honeycomb Desk
Article code 0409A
sustainable choice!
➕ Very firm desk
➕ For many years to use
➕ Including storage compartments
➖ Lasts longer with top
Elephant Head
Article code 1202
sustainable choice!
➕ Look nice above your fireplace or in the bedroom
➕ Customizable
➕ No animals are harmed for this product
➖ Is afraid of mice
Storage Cabinet
Article code 0808
sustainable choice!
➕ Robust storage cabinet
➕ Four drawers for all your stuff
➕ For in the living, - bed, or kids room
➖ Splash waterproof
Camping Chair
Article code 0604
sustainable choice!
➕ Suitable for adults
➕ With backrest
➕ Easy to move
➖ Splash waterproof
Sustainable Living

Sustainable interior made of cardboard

Are you ready for the next step, going fully sustainable with our cardboard interior? We made a profession out of turning ordinary cardboard into trendy furniture! All our products are 100% recyclable and consist of at least 80% recycled cardboard. And they’re not just sustainable, but also sturdy, original and (we think) great fun! Make any room more sustainable, e.g. use our cardboard beds and bedside tables for the bedroom or our lamps for your living room. Because who wouldn't want some cardboard in their house?

Practical products

Sustainability is our first pillar, but secondly, our products are also very practical. They are easy to assemble and disassemble! Very convenient as a temporary solution, by for example moving or as a guest bed. Of course also for long-term use!  

Custom furniture

Did you know that we can customize almost all our furniture to your needs? For example, would you like to have a sustainable closet fully customized to your house, just let us know!