Fold Table
Article code 0401
sustainable choice!
➕ Perfect as temporary table
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sturdy table surface
➖ Not suitable for hours in the rain
Ping Pong Table
Article code 1214
sustainable choice!
➕ Foldable
➕ Light weight and easy to move
➕ Wooden table-top, so the ball bounces better
➖ Smaller than a competition ping pong table
Honeycomb Desk
Article code 0409A
sustainable choice!
➕ Very firm desk
➕ For many years to use
➕ Including storage compartments
➖ Lasts longer with top
Camping Chair
Article code 0604
sustainable choice!
➕ Suitable for adults
➕ With backrest
➕ Easy to move
➖ Splash waterproof
Grass Chair
Article code 0603
sustainable choice!
➕ DIY stool
➕ Also suitable for gardening
➕ Green
➖ Soil and seeds not included
Cross Stool
Article code 0502
sustainable choice!
➕ Elegant design with nice comb joints
➕ Super strong!
➕ Can also be used as a side table
➖ Does not roll very well
Thickened Desk
Article code 0403
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ No glue needed
➕ Personalize with paint
➖ No storage compartments
Honeycomb Chair
Article code 0605
sustainable choice!
➕ Very firm and sustainable chair
➕ For years of sitting pleasure
➕ Easy to maintain
➖ Can take a speck but varnishing is recommended
Block Bench
Article code 0701
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to setup
➕ Sustainable
➖ Splash waterproof
Block Stool
Article code 0501
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable
➖ No backrest
Round Table Honeycomb
Article code 0411A
sustainable choice!
➕ Looks nice everywhere in the house
➕ Fits 4 people at this table
➕ Gives your interior a sustainable look
➖ Better to keep clean with a plexiglass top
Sofa Arm Tray Table
Article code 1408B
sustainable choice!
➕ Easy to set up and attach to your sofa
➕ Storage space for your remote/books
➕ Available in two sizes
➖ Doesn't work for a sofa without armrests
Standing Table
Article code 0404
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard standing table for all your parties of events
➕ Suitable when you don't have storage space after an event
➕ After using the table, you can recycle it
➖ Don't dance on the table
Stool Bench
Article code 0702
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable
➖ No backrest
Triangle Stool
Article code 0503
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy design
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Sustainable stool
➖ Does not have a backrest
Side Table
Article code 0408
sustainable choice!
➕ Sturdy side table
➕ Sustainable and sleek design
➕ Made from used cardboard
➖ Watch out with water
Block Chair
Article code 0601
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable kids chair made of cardboard
➕ Easy to assemble
➕ Size for adults
➖ Splash waterproof
Kids chair with name
Article code 0606
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard chair for kids
➕ Easy to set up
➕ Personalize it with a name
➖ Not suitable for adults
Laptop Sunscreen
Article code 1020
sustainable choice!
➕ Work outside without being bothered by the sun
➕ Protects your laptop from the heat
➕ No more pinching your eyes
➖ You will not get a tan
Cardboard Chairs & Cardboard Tables

Unique chairs and tables made of cardboard

The uniqueness of cardboard chairs and tables is unlimited! Our chair and tables differ in all shapes and sizes. From a grass chair to a ping-pong table, we have it all.

Events and parties

KarTent knows what a party is, that is why we also have a number of cardboard products specialized for every party. How about our cardboard folding table or standing table that you can easily use as a party table during a birthday? After the party, when you're done with it, the table can be fully recycled. Just put it together with the paper waste. 

Chairs and tables with a long life

Looking for something less temporary? We also have some nice, sturdy chairs and tables made from honeycomb cardboard. This is extra sturdy cardboard, it is about 5 cm thick. The honeycomb products are optionally available with white Plexiglas on the top. This makes the table even sturdier.

The advantages of cardboard chairs and tables

Cardboard chairs and tables have many advantages. Because they are so light, you can easily move them while moving, cleaning or redesigning your living room or sleeping room. The easiness of assembling and disassembling makes them perfect to store. 

All our chairs and tables are made of cardboard and are therefore completely recyclable!