'Do It Yourself' Lamp
Article code 1504B
sustainable choice!
➕ Choose which lampshade you want to make
➕ Includes instructions
➕ Supplied with red wire as standard
➖ Two left hands won't make it easy
Interlaken Lamp
Article code 0902
sustainable choice!
➕ Give some extra lighting to your room
➕ Gives ambient lighting
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➖ LED E14 bulb not included
Stavern Lamp
Article code 0916
sustainable choice!
➕ Ambient lighting due to the cardboard structure
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➕ Suited as a pendant light, but also looks nice laying on a surface
➖ Smaller than a real pyramid
Lichtenvoorde Lamp
Article code 0924
sustainable choice!
➕ Lamp in the shape of a night lamp
➕ Unique design
➕ Perfect for the nightstand
➖ Led lights not included
Skanderborg Lamp
Article code 0910
sustainable choice!
➕ Can be used as a hanging lamp and standing lamp
➕ Give your room a lovely light with this sustainable lamp
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➖ Not to throw
Meise Lamp
Article code 0904
sustainable choice!
➕ Go on a space adventure together with this cardboard rocket lamp
➕ Looks very cool next to the bed of your small space traveller
➕ Paint the lamp, however you want
➖ Doesn't fly
Koos the Koala Lamp
Article code 0919
sustainable choice!
➕ For fans of Koos the Koala
➕ Incl. fitting and wire
➕ Adorable lamp
➖ Does not have a soft fur
Cardboard Standing Lights

Ambient light for every room

Don't you like hanging? Then we advise getting a standing lamp. Looking for the perfect fit with your living room, don’t worry! We have variable shade designs fitting every living room. 

Did we already mention that they are sustainable too? Our diverse collection of standing shades diffuses fine mood light in every corner of the room. Put it on your dresser, bedside table, windowsill or desk. Each lamp comes with a wire, fitting and, where necessary, a lamp base.

Floor lamp

Do you prefer a floor lamp? No problem! There is also the option to buy our lampshades separately (without wire and fitting). This way you can easily put our lampshade on your own base!