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1. FAQ
1.1. How long will my product last?

Our products can handle their fair share! Daily use shouldn’t give any issues, but if you are planning on leaving it outside during a storm or let godzilla have a go at it, maybe you shouldn’t expect it to have that long of a lifetime.

1.2. Why is there paint on my purchase?

Once upon a time your cardboard product had a very different life. It was outside, in the fresh air, fulfilling a life as a festival tent. That is why it is possible that your product contains traces of colours and creativity. In the attached letter you can check which festival your product has been on! Overpainting traces of creativity is possible of course!

1.3. How sustainable are the products really?

All our products in the webshop are made from old cardboard festival tents used on all kinds of festivals. Recycling is good, but reuse is even better! Our festival tents are usually not that usable anymore after a life at a festival. But all the material remains intact, and since the tents are made of a very strong type of cardboard it is a pity to just throw it away! That is why we bring the KarTents back to the warehouse to cut it into new products. This without first recycling the cardboard! We call this process ‘Upcycling’

You may have your doubts about our model: ‘If you rent the tents, you can reuse them every year, right?!’ Correct! But even if used multiple times, every tent has an end of life scenario. The KarTent has been designed especially for this! We think that this should be the case for more products!

1.4. I want to order a lot of products, is that possible?

Yes of course, that makes us very happy! In big numbers we can give you even better prices! The easiest way to do so is to send us an email with the details to [email protected] or give us a call at +31 (0) 20 7865553.

1.5. How did KarTent start?

Jan and Wout are behind the idea of cardboard festival tents. They saw a picture of a camping after a festival and they knew this could be better, all that plastic waste! After a couple of years it became clear that the used cardboard tents deserve a second life. Now every day/week/month they come up with new products specially for you!


1.6. Can I approach you about a collaboration?

Of course you can! How awesome if we can help each other? You can give us a call at +31 (0) 20 7865553 or send us an email to [email protected].

1.7. How do I assemble my KarTent purchase?

All our products are supplied as a kit. You just have to put it together!
Find the instructions here:

Need help? We are always ready to help! Contact us at [email protected] or give us a ring at +31 (0) 20 7865553.

1.8. Are the products waterproof?

Our cardboard can handle its fair share! If you are having a clumsy day and bump over a glass of water, the product won't immediately perish. A heavy storm in the garden may be a bit too much to ask. Also taking your product for a swim is not recommended. Of course, it is always possible that some water stains may remain on the cardboard after getting wet.

1.9. Is it possible to clean the products?
1.10. How much are the shipping costs?

Do you live in the Netherlands or Belgium? Then you are lucky! Starting from €60, your package will be delivered for free! Are you still under the amount of €60? Then the shipping costs start at €6 (depending on the weight / size of the order).
Unfortunately, free shipping only applies for the Netherlands and Belgium. The shipping costs may vary per country. You will see the shipping costs for your destination when you proceed to the checkout.

1.11. Curious about the experience of our customers?

Our customers have shared their experiences through Kiyoh! Curious how they experienced our products and services? Check out the customreviews on Kiyoh!