Ons Verhaal.
De kartonnen revolutie
Who is KarTent?
KarTent, but you don’t sell tents for cars, right?! Good question, and we don’t have that in our product range just yet. KarTent means ‘cardboard’ and ‘tent’!

KarTent started at Dutch festival campsites. The founders, Jan and Wout, noticed that a lot of the tents at the camping grounds were left behind after the festivals. When they looked into that, it turned out that 1 in 4 tents was left behind! As you can imagine, that leaves a lot of mess and does incredible damage to the environment.

The solution: a completely recyclable tent, made from cardboard, the KarTent. Made from strong wood fibers, the KarTent can easily survive a heavy rainstorm and is big enough for 2 people! After the festivals, we pick the tents up ourselves, so we can use the cardboard again. Do you want to know more? Check our story here!

But you don’t sell just tents, right?
After the COVID- pandemic hit in 2020, we started thinking about the future. When it started to look like the festival summers were going to look different than before, we decided to take a radical step: all our focus on our webshop. We used the stored (used) tents in our warehouse as a base, and we started to create and develop a lot of products in a short amount of time, suited for the consumers.

Our philosophy
Cardboard offers a perfect alternative for all kinds of products! Most of the time, designers aren’t concerned with what happens with their products when it’s no longer in use. A shame, because that’s how more products than necessary end up in bulky waste, and no products have eternal life! Cardboard offers a sustainable alternative: if our products ever get unnecessary, at least the material can be easily reused!

Our festival-DNA ensures a pragmatic approach and a no-nonsense mentality. Now, we offer about 200 different products, all made from a strong and sustainable type of cardboard. We are so proud of our cardboard solutions and our ability to pick up our speed in a short amount of time, when necessary!
Jan Portheine
Co-Founder & CEO

Jan Portheine is an entrepreneur in and out. Once trained as an architect, he quickly found his way in building cardboard houses. In his spare time, he likes to play hockey. Jan prefers cappuccinos with a bit of sugar.
Wout Kommer
Co-Founder & CCO

Wout Kommer is a creative mind in a somewhat less creative body. Once trained as an industrial designer, the world of cardboard keeps him hooked. In his spare time, he likes to climb (the famous Dutch mountains) or bike. Wout likes his coffee pitch black.
Timo Krenn
Co-Founder & CFO

Timo is a sharp multi-talent and enthusiastic polyglot. He started at PWC, but the suit felt too tight and cardboard boxes were more his style anyway. In his spare time, he likes to hockey or ski down some slopes (also in the famous Dutch mountains). Timo prefers a good espresso.
Sofie van Eeden
Business Development & Marketing

Sofie is a passionate marketing-enthousiast with a communications background. She likes to go through the country together with her dog made of copper and regularly ‘breaks the sound barrier’ in her weekends. Being a true coffee addict, she likes double espresso’s, preferably up to 10 on a single day.
Charlotte Buts
Growth Hacker

Ever wondered why our growth is so incredibly fast? It’s because we hack the system! Charlotte is our secret, with a team player spirit. She is passionate about beautiful sceneries and would like to travel around the world (at least five times). In her spare time, she spends most of her time with friends or F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Charlotte loves to drink tea, all day everyday.
Dennis Bakker

Dennis is our hero in the warehouse; every product you receive has been touched by him! Despite his unmistakably Dutch name he is born and raised in Spain, which we notice by the delightful Spanish treats he brings to the office every now and then. He likes to play footbal in his free time, and prefers drinking beer over coffee.
Iris Meijer
Social Media & Volunteers

Iris studeert Events Management aan de BUas in Breda en zou eigenlijk aan de slag gaan met het bouwen van het vrijwilligersnetwerk van KarTent voor de festivals. Helaas ging dat niet door, maar gelukkig ging ze niet bij de pakken neerzitten en heeft ze onze social media naar een hoger plan getild! Ze drinkt het liefst een kopje thee.
Noah Willemse

Noah is an adventurous and creative student who is currently doing an internschip at KarTent in his third year of Product Design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. In the summer he can be found at the beach where regularly surfs even tiniests waves. He prefers to stick to water.
Sylvia Haakman

Sylvia studies to become a product designer and likes to work on challenges. As a kid she fell in love with soccer and quitting isn't an option for her yet. She won't say no to a glass of lemonade.
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