Products tagged with Cateraar (algmeen)

Standing Table
Article code 0404
sustainable choice!
➕ Cardboard standing table for all your parties of events
➕ Suitable when you don't have storage space after an event
➕ After using the table, you can recycle it
➖ Don't dance on the table
KarBin (240L)
Article code 0208A
sustainable choice!
➕ 240L trash bin
➕ Entirely made from formerly used KarTents
➕ Available in a variety of colours
➖ Not suitable for climbing
KarBin - Holle Bolle Gijs
Article code 0209B
sustainable choice!
➕ Dutch Efteling character 'Holle Bolle Gijs'
➕ Lid and bin
➕ Available in the sizes 60L and 240L
➖ Does not say "papier hier"
Eco Bin
Article code 0207
sustainable choice!
➕ For paper, plastic, organic waste and rest waste.
➕ Water-resistant and can take a little punch
➕ Good for events, in the office or at fairs
➖ It does not empty itself
KarTent Eco Bin
Eco Bin
KarBin (60L)
Article code 0204A
sustainable choice!
➕ 60L content
➕ Available with different lids
➕ Easy to empty
➖ Splash waterproof
Picnic Table
Article code 0406
sustainable choice!
➕ A picnic table or two separate tables
➕ Sustainable made of cardboard
➕ Fun for kids
➖ Food not included
Basketball Bin
Article code 0203
sustainable choice!
➕ Throw easy three-pointers
➕ Original
➕ Sustainable
➖ The possibility exists you don't always hit your mark