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Arch Bed
Article code 1104A
sustainable choice!
➕ Made of 7 mm thick cardboard and can carry 200kg per m2
➕ Available in lengths 200, 210 and 220cm
➕ Our cardboard ‘Paper’ Bed has been tested and approved by Beter Bed!
➖ Is so comfortable that you don't want to get out of bed in the morning
KarTent Arch Bed
Arch Bed
Study Buddy
Article code 1031
sustainable choice!
➕ Quiet workplace in the classroom
➕ Removing stimuli for children
➕ Foldable and perfect fit for every school table
➖ Try and get your kid away from behind the Study Buddy
Open Bedside Table
Article code 0817
sustainable choice!
➕ Sustainable design
➕ Nice addition to the bedroom or living room
➕ Storage compartment
➖ You don't want to talk about anything else
Study Buddy Storage Cabinet
Article code 1031
sustainable choice!
➕ Room for 10 Study Buddies
➕ Customizable
➕ Works for both the wooden and cardboard variant
➖ All the students (and teachers) want to draw on it